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Kids Ministry Collective #103 ONE Thing You Can’t Miss in Kidmin- David Rausch

Join Tom Bump and his guest, David Rausch the founder of Mooblio which produced GO! Curriculum  

David and Tom discuss the ONE Thing we can't get wrong, especially during this pandemic. This was a timely discussion and one you will really enjoy!


I also highly recommend you check out Go! Curriculum too. It is amazing and they have completely rebooted it to help any church during these challenging times!

KMC#102 Ministry to Special Needs during Covid-19

Join host Tom Bump and his guests from Key Ministry, Beth Golik and Catherine Boyle as they help us understand how to minister to families with children who have special needs and other hidden challenges.  Anxiety is so high already for these families the Church can step up and help.  This is such a great conversation and I highly recommend you check them out on Facebook or online. 

They have a bunch of fantastic resources. 

Kids Ministry Collective #101 Resilient Disciples with Matt Markins

This episode has a wonderful discussion about a new book from Awana called, Resilient! Join Tom Bump and his guest Matt Markins as they discuss why the church cannot afford to get discipleship wrong. The Church of 2050 is counting on us right now to make the most of the opportunities we have. 


Check out


KMC #100 Celebrating God’s Amazing Work!

Join Tom Bump and Ron Brooks (The Original KMC Hosts) As they welcome some Kidmin friends to talk the best and worst of Kidmin. Well kinda. It's lots of laughs and some great wisdom thrown in too! We are celebrating how God has used the Kids Ministry Collective Podcast and what started on BlogTalk Radio as the Kids Ministry Collective Radio show!

So thankful to every listener and pray as God grows this ministry we'll see more joining the Collective Community!!!


KMC #99- Building a Bridge between kids and students- Corrine Noble

Host Tom Bump and his guest, Corrine Noble dive into a discussion about how to create a bridge between the children’s ministry and the student ministry.


KMC Curriculum

KMC#98- Can Kids Understand the Deep Truth?- Mike Johnson

In this edition of the KMC Podcast, Host Tom Bump and his guest Mike Johson from I See It Productions discuss the topic can kids understand the Deep Truth about God meaning can kids understand Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence of God.  

It may seem impossible but it's not and together they break it down and will challenge you to break it down and use it in your ministries.

Mike also shares about a brand new Easter Curriculum, " A Closer Look, Discovering  Jesus is more!"


KMC #97 Task Management for Everyone- Todd McKeever

Join Host, Tom Bump, and his guest Todd McKeever as they discuss the in's and outs of task management and why it's so important that we get it right.

Todd share's some great wisdom and tips to help every leader improve their task management. 

Thanks so much to SERVEHQ for their support of the Kids Ministry Collective Podcast! I highly recommend you check out their amazing resources to help you better use your time and resources. 

KMC #96 5 Things a Leader Does to Survive and Thrive in Kidmin- Tom Bump

This episode is about surviving and thriving in ministry. If you want to stay in ministry for many years, applying these simple truths can help. I don't think I'm sharing anything groundbreaking new but, many leaders still struggle to implement and live by these truths and that's one reason we see so many walking away.

Tom offers the real lessons that he's learned to keep him going after experiencing some deep hurts in ministry. 
If you are a hurting leader and need someone to talk to, please reach out and email me at or text me at 717-574-9564 I am here for you! I don't charge for hurting leaders.

If you would like some mentoring/coaching I have 1:1 openings where for 4-6 months I'll walk alongside you and help you lead yourself and develop a longer-range vision for growth.  check out


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KMC #95 Cultivating a Thriving Volunteer Culture- Jason Tilley

To minister through volunteers you must minister to volunteers. Volunteers need a thriving community where they experience purpose, connection, and growth. And we want to take some time today to chat about how and why this is so important.

Join host, Tom Bump and his guest Jason Tilley from as they discuss the why and how of cultivating a thriving volunteer culture. 


Special Thanks to our financial sponsor of this episode SERVEHQ

HuddleUp, which is an online (with a mobile app too) communication tool that’s designed to replace how a ministry uses Facebook Groups, Mailchimp, Remind, Slack/Groupme, etc. It’s a central hub for comms with volunteers, parents, and even students because it has safety/accountability baked into the design. Functionally, it allows you to send emails and texts and also hold ongoing chats. 

KMC #94 Tweens 2 Leaders with Stanley Mearse

Join host Tom Bump and his guest Stanley Mearse a Children's Pastor from Hickory North Carolina.

We are talking today about how to develop your preteen students into leaders and this is sometimes a challenging thing because while they are growing up, they are still children. Yet, they make some of the most amazing leaders when given the proper coaching and encouragement. 

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