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Join Host Tom Bump and his guest Trisha Peach

She has written a very interesting book on "Why We Quit" So many leaders never make it past year 5 in ministry and we discuss the causes and how you can prevent yourself from becoming another statistic.


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Join Host Tom Bump as he discusses a new book with Dale Hudson LEAD WELL!

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Join the host of the Kids Ministry Collective Podcast Tom Bump as he chats with his guest Josh Denhart about how to recruit, retain and yes, even fire volunteers

Josh has created a fantastic new resource that is Masters Level Training on these topics

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Join Host Tom Bump and his guest Anne Marie Gosnell as they discuss how simple objects can create powerful teaching experiences for kids. 

She has written several object lesson series that can be used in church or at home. You need to check out her resources!


Join host Tom Bump and his guest Charlie Bancroft aka Uncle Charlie as they discuss an amazing story of God's miracles, calling and how a little stuffed monkey named Carlitos is impacting children all around the world!



Join Tom Bump and his guest Mike Johnson as they discuss how to have an amazing Christmas season. Mike share's his passion for helping children's ministry leaders make the most of the Christmas season and has created a fantastic resource.

That's a Wrap is a two-week Christmas series that can be inserted into any curriculum cycle and utilized by any size church! 

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Join host Tom Bump and his guest Christi Gordy the Founder & Executive Director of Canopy Life International which is an amazing ministry focused on making a difference in kids lives in Kenya! 

You don't want to miss this and they are offering something very special for KMC Listeners! A FREE Thanksgiving Kit that you can use on a Sunday Or another time to even connect your kids to Kenya! 

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Join host Tom Bump and learn about some clear steps to avoiding a "Time Famine" which was defined by Micheal Hyatt " The feeling of having more tasks, than time." 

What are some steps we can take to learn to delegate so we can instead be the leaders God calls us to be and we can help the body of Christ to become what it should be.

Read Eph. 4:11-16 and consider what you are doing on a regular basis to help the body of Christ to be built up?

      Begin with honest prayer, seeking the Lord of the Harvest.

      Create a list of things you're doing and highlight things that drain you, you struggle to get done.

 1.Define. You need to know exactly what you are going to delegate. Don’t be vague.

2. Plan. Write down how you will present this task. List potential concerns and objections
3. Select. Which of your team has the best skills to deliver the results.
4. Explain. Tell the person why the task is important and why they are right for it.
5. Define success. Be clear about what success looks like, if possible with a measurable target.
6. Set limits. Let them know what they are accountable for and where they can get help. Don’t forget that last part. Oftentimes after delegation has started the person working on it runs into a snag and has no idea where to turn to for some help or guidance. Here is one way you separate delegation from dumping.
7. Invite doubt. Many volunteers start excited when delegated to but then feel that expressing doubt about the project or their ability is a sign of weakness. Encourage them to ask questions and assess the project on their own terms. Also, take note of the previous point in number six.
8. Get commitment. Don’t expect immediate agreement. Give them time to think it over. Never rush this stage.
9. Agree. Set milestones and timelines and how you will monitor progress. Get them to suggest as much of this as possible.
10. Recognize and reward. Successful completion of a delegated project or task should mean something. Be clear from the outset how much value you place on it and reflect that in the reward you offer.

Join Tom Bump as he is the special guest on the YMSidekick Podcast with Tom Pounder 

Tom & Tom Kick-off Orange Bloggers week and you can learn about the Orange Conference 2020 

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Join Tom as he shares some ideas about discipleship in Kids ministry. It's also Conference season again and he shares some top tips to make the most of it. For those unable to attend a conference, he shares a solution for you too!

finally, If you have been in hard seasons of ministry, you will want to be watching for Tom's book that will be coming soon. He's looking for leaders to share there stories as a kind of Hebrew's 11 section to younger leaders. If you'd like to contribute you can message Tom


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