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Kids Ministry Collective 161 Running the Leadership Race

Do You know you run for a prize?? What are you and your ministry running for? Join Host Tom Bump as he shares some leadership thoughts about Running The Leadership Race. We all are running and it does matter what you are running towards and why you are running.  This podcast is filled with some solid principles to help you run with purpose and to know what to do when you want to stop. 


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Kids Ministry Collective #160 What Do I Do Next??

Every wonder what to do after the Big Event?? VBS?? Camp?? What do I do to get more volunteers? What do I do to launch the fall ministry???

Join Tom Bump as he gives some practical and useful tips and tricks that any leader can implement to give themselves traction for what's next?


If you need help, consider  You can schedule a free consultation call and hear how having someone dedicated to helping you grow and succeed can be a total game changer. 



Kids Ministry Collective 159 Why Is Ministry So Hard??

Join Tom Bump as he shares some principles to help you endure the "sifting" that's happening to the church right now. Times are challenging and God is on the move!!

Be encouraged, Our experiences will serve to be our mentor in the days ahead! 


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Kids Ministry Collective Podcast #158 Finding Restoration 3 Leaders Stories

This is a Special Episode where Tom Bump is joined by the first participants in a Restoring Leaders Retreat. If you have wondered why you should retreat and what happens exactly during a Restoring Leaders retreat you will enjoy this.

It was my pleasure to record with Michael Workman, Tim Boucher and Rick Wadsworth as they share their first hand experience and Why you should consider attending an upcoming retreat.

For more info on Retreats check out Restoring Leaders

Kids Ministry Collective #157 The Battle in Your Mind with Ron Brooks

Join Host Tom Bump as he welcomes back the co-founder of the KMC and co-host of the podcast Ron Brooks as they discuss some amazing information about our minds and the ability to change them for the better.

God has wired us so that we truly can renew our mindset and take down negative and destructive thoughts. 


Resources Discussed:

Rons Blog Post - How To Change Your Negative Thoughts

Winning The War In Your Mind- Craig Groeschel

Soundtracks- Jon Acuff

The Power of Habit- Charles Duhigg



Kids Ministry Collective #156 The Imposter Syndrome & Comparison Monster

Every Struggle with feeling inadequate for ministry? Struggle with Comparing yourself or your ministry with everyone on social media??? Join Tom Bump as he shares from his own story how to overcome the Imposter Syndrome and beat back the Comparison Monster


Kids Ministry Collective 155 Three For The Road - What You NEED Right Now!

What do Walnut Trees have to do with Ministry Leadership? Curious? Well listen as host, Tom Bump shares 3 highly practical and personally learned tips for healthy ministry leaders to unpack in their own lives. This "nutty" episode hopefully will encourage and inspire you! 


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KMC #154 Family Fundamentals- Daniel McKee

Join Host Tom Bump and his guest Daniel McKee as they discuss an amazing new resource to help parents and ministry leaders truly develop a playbook for discipleship.

If you struggle getting families to engage in a rhythm of discipling their kids, here's a resource that is practical and easy to activate with families!

For more info on the book and having Daniel come to your church to help lunch this strategy click here:

Kids Ministry Collective Podcast #153 A Cure For The Monday’s!

Join Tom Bump as he shares the cure for a case of the Monday's!  Every struggle with the Monday's? Was your ministry weekend hard? Are you facing a tough week ahead? and you find a pot of coffee not helping? Take a listen and here 3 things you can do do improve your Monday's!


If you are struggling to gain control over you calendar, or build structures to help you grow your ministry? Need help building a leadership team? Wonder if its possible to delegate in a small church?

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Struggling with ministry hurts or burnout? Wondering if its worth continuing? Let's talk before you burn any bridges or hand in a resignation letter. Restoring Leaders offers 1:1, online connection groups and in-person retreats to help you find restoration and hope! 

Kids Ministry Collective #152 Back to The Basics

In this episode, host Tom Bump leans into the topic of "Back To Basics in Kidmin."  Are you wrestling with the leadership and ministry? Are you feeling a bit lost in this almost post pandemic world? Leading right not is certainly not easy but, if you "get back to the basics" you might find relief, clarity and some hope. Enjoy this episode.


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