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Kids Ministry Collective 132- Digital Kidmin Must Knows & Bible Experience For Kids- Matt & Crys Gorman

Join host Tom Bump and his amazing guests from One Hope   Matt & Crys Gorman.

They are sharing some amazing wisdom to help leaders make a great impact digitally !

You need to listen If you want to improve your engagement online!

Also learn about their partnership with YouVersion and how they are creating a new resource called The Bible Experience for Kids!   This amazing resource will now engage kids from 3-Preteen!! 

Want to activate it for your kids? Here are some step-by-step instructions

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Kids Ministry Collective 131- Crys Gorman- I Wouldn’t Have Chosen, But God!

Join host Tom Bump for one of the most powerful interviews you've heard in a while.

Crys Gorman has an amazing story as a Cancer survivor and as a follower of Christ. Her passion for helping others see God in the middle of the hurt is amazing.

You don't want to miss this episode that will challenge you to see God in the most difficult of times.

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Kids Ministry Collective 130 Why Sunday Matters! Bethany Darwin & Tony Kummer

Join Host, Tom Bump and his guests from the Sunday School Store Bethany Darwin and Tony Kummer

We discuss the importance of Sunday and having it Gospel Centered. 

It really does matter what we center our teaching on and I know you'll enjoy this episode!

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KMC 129 Kids Ministry Exchange & Youth Ministry Exchange Review

Join Tom Bump, Tom Pounder and Steve Cullum as they do a special podcast where three podcasts become one for a day!

We take a look back at Orange's Kids Ministry Exchange & Student Ministry Exchange conference! "I'm here to Play!"

Check out Tom Pounder on the YM Sidekick podcast

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Kids Ministry Collective128 - What Have I Been Learning- James Blewett

Join host Tom Bump and his guest Dr. James Blewett from First Baptist Brandon Florida,

We chat about what he's been learning as a Family Pastor during Covid-19

We learn about wins, losses, and how to move forward into 2021. 

Kids Ministry Collective #127 Finding Your One

Join Tom Bump as he shares a powerful leadership and team building principle, "Find Your One. This was a game changer for him and it will be for you too. So many leaders struggle at building a team and it only takes one to make a difference.

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Kids Ministry Collective #126 Jim, John and Carey- Lessons We All Need Now!

Join Tom Bump as he shares some fantastic wisdom learned from Jim Wideman, John Maxwell and Carey Nieuwhof 


We all need someone to guide us and help us during the challenges we face in ministry during the new now. I want to share some powerful truths and ask some great questions that will hopefully have you seeing a bigger picture for how to lead more to reach more.


If you are stuck and need someone to talk with request a free consultation call at

There is no reason to lead alone!



Kids Ministry Collective 125 How to Reflect, Lead and Restore

There are many things required of us in today's new now.  We as leaders must learn to quickly reflect on what's happening and make the needed changes. As Craig Groeschel put it, "Feel the Fear, but lead anyway!"

Tom Bump shares from his heart about what God has caused him to reflect upon and how you can choose to do as well.

If you are struggling with burnout, facing a ministry change and need someone to talk to safely and confidentially.  I would recommend checking out Restoring Leaders 

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Kids Ministry Collective 124 Change, Change, Change! I don’t want to Change! - Tom Bump

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

Join Tom Bump as he shares some lessons learned about change and why the Kidmin Leaders of today, must change!

Change is painful but can be consequences of an unwillingness to change can be devastating!

If you struggle with change this episode is for you!


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Kids Ministry Collective 123 New Trends in Family Ministry- Mel Walker

Do you think Family ministry is changing? Does it need to?

Join KMC Host, Tom Bump, and his guest Mel Walker as they discuss New Trends in Family ministry and some must-ask question if we are going to be relevant in the coming days 


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