Which is the better mindset, A Goal-setting or a Growth-conscious? Which one do you have? Join Tom Bump, leadership coach as he shares the differences and some encouragement for every leader. 

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I am GRATEFUL and THANKFUL for YOU!  As the host of the KMC Podcast I want this episode to encourage you !!  We all need more thanksgiving and gratefulness in our lives. I hope this episode helps.


Blog mentioned in the episode: 10 Benefits Of Gratitude

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Everyone agree's that discipleship is important to ministry but have you considered that to make disciples you need to be in a mentoring relationship? My guest Stephanie Ziebarth has mentored many young leaders and has created a resource to show you how to implement mentoring into your ministry to make it stronger and more impactful.

To get the book: https://www.amazon.com/Invest-Yourself-Guidebook-Spiritual-Mentoring/dp/1945169745/ref=sr_1_1?crid=TL3SE9RSH7YI&keywords=invest+yourself+a+guidebook+for+spiritual+mentoring&qid=1668353640&sprefix=Invest+yourself%2Caps%2C105&sr=8-1

Have You ever said in leadership, "I wished someone had told me about that?" or Why didn't I know that before? Every leader can learn from experience but you don't have to always make it your own experience!

Listen in to this episode as a 35 year ministry veteran shares some thoughts about things they wished someone had told them.


Does your team have an us versus them mentality? Can this be good or bad for an organization or ministry to have with individual staff?  What can you do to get past it?

This weeks episode offers some practical and real life examples of how you as a leader can keep away from "me over we" mentality. 

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Are you ready to lead into and through the holiday season? This is one of the most important times for us to be at our best. How do we do it? What can we do better? Let's listen in as we share some valuable tips and questions to ask during this season. 


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Every leader needs to find their  rhythm to get things accomplished. Where many leaders get stuck is comparing themselves to others or trying to use someone else's system. In this episode you'll hear some tips to develop your own habits to become the productive leader you desire to be. 


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Are you Creative? Can you stir up creativity in yourself and your team?

Join host Tom Bump and his guest, Jason Tilley as he drops some powerful questions you can ask to either accelerate creativity or stop it in it's tracks!


To connect with Jason for help in this area: jason@ministryaccelerator.org


Resources Mentioned:

Caffeine for the Creative Mind

Imagineering Pyramid

Many children today struggle with finding their value in this world and the enemy uses it to attack their identity. Join host Tom Bump and his guest, Author Ron Brooks as they discuss this topic and share a new book for children, The Valuable Dragon! 


To Get a copy for yourself: 

Paperback:  https://amzn.to/3qc1ytv

Kindle:  https://amzn.to/3covFut

Coloring Book:  https://amzn.to/3QXgSWD


Grandparents are the best kept secret in the church! What do I mean? Take a listen to the wisdom that Larry Fowler, the Founder of the Legacy Coalition      shares about the ministry to and with grandparents!

Every church should consider how they are serving this generation and how this generation can be a powerful group to bless the next generation. 


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Have we lowered the bar for serving too low? Have we made it too easy? Do volunteers quit or not serve because we don't equip them to have impact? Let's talk about it on this weeks episode! 

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Are "Ministry Silos" all bad? Can there be good ones? Tom Bump shares some of the good, bad, and ugly about ministry silos and how you as a leader can lead well in and through them. 


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When is the last time you hit the "pause" button on your life and leadership? The cost for not hitting it can be great. Tom Bump share's some simple, yet powerful tips for why you can benefit from pausing. 

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Strong Mind Strong Mission Workshop- Sept 10th, 2022 

The fourth quarter of every year can be an impactful time of new ministries, new volunteers, new families or it can be a time of overwhelm and stress. Host Tom Bump shares some important tips that can help every leader make the fourth quarter count!

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Strong Mind Strong Mission Workshop

3x30 Challenge!! Starts September 1!! 

Do you have a love/hate relationship with events? Every leader will plan and lead many events over the course of a ministry year and how you plan or don't plan can make a difference. David Reneau is a family pastor who understands the challenges that come with events. This episode is a clinic and you should listen to the whole thing!!!!


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Are You A Great Listener? Kids Ministry Leaders need to be great listeners and sometimes we are better talkers than listeners. Take a listen as ministry coach Tom Bump shares some tips for better listening and for a challenge for every leader!


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Do you flirt with burning out in leadership? Do you have any of these symptoms? (have to listen to see which they are) I have 3 solutions for you if you're willing to listen. 


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Every leader will find that the summertime stretches them in multiple directions and sometimes its good and sometimes not so much! 

Join Tom Bump for a fun chat about some positive things to stretch this summer that will have an impact on you and your ministry!


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Curiosity, Belief,Faith , and Identity- Each part is so vital to the growth of children. Do we wonder enough in ministry? Join host Tom Bump, and his guest Christie Penner Worden 

As they discuss, the new curriculum from David C Cook, called Wonder Ink, 

Join Host Tom Bump and his guest, Jean Thomason, AKA "Miss Pattycake" as they discuss why we praise with preschoolers.  If you aren't being intentional in your preschool ministry you are missing the boat.  This conversation gives leaders many things to think about how they can minister to the littles.




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