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Join host Tom Bump as he shares some leadership hacks to develop your own leadership team. Every leader needs help and no one should ever lead alone! So how does someone find and develop other leaders? Tom shares some tested and true principles that you can implement today to begin building your leadership team! 

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Join Tom Bump and  his guests, Jason Tilley & John Tillman of Ministry Accelerator as they discuss how every leader should have an intentional gospel journey planned for their kids ministry.

Based on the 4 part blog posts: 

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One of the books that have greatly influenced my life and ministry is by my friend Craig Jutila. He and his wife Mary wrote this book many years ago. Craig passed away in 2018 and is greatly missed but I'm thankful for the conversations I had with him and for this book.

If you struggle with balance in life and ministry I strongly recommend this book!!!! I share some of the topics covered in this episode.

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Join Host Tom Bump and guest Bill Gunter  as they discuss a recent blog post about dealing with discouragement. 

For many leaders, especially smaller church leaders dealing with low numbers, small volunteer teams and unmet expectations can really bring discouragement. 

Learn in this episodes some things you can do to help prevent discouragement from taking over.


Small Church Coaching Groups- Beginning in Early August! 2 Groups (4 people max) will be meeting once a month for up to 1 1/2hrs and helping bring clarity and focus to their own leadership and ministry. Practical and specific help will be given to each leader and you can get 4 months of coaching for $25 a month. There will one group meeting in the afternoons and one early evening. Space is limited! In order to be considered you need to email tom at wbman99(at) or go to and go to the coaching section and fill out the info box at the bottom of the page. indicate you'd like to participate in the small church coaching group. 

Join Tom Bump as he shares from experience how to survive the Summer Children's Ministry season. 

It can be so hard for so many leaders and sometimes even tempting to walk away from it all. BUT, there are some things one can do to help survive the season and even thrive in it.

Hope  you enjoy this episode.

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This is an amazing episode with host Tom Bump, and Jesse Stone who serves with   They are reaching over 1 BILLION children with the Good News! 

In this episode Jesse shares why every Kidmin leader and Parent should be intentionally engaging children with Scripture and break out of the false assumptions that children cannot understand deeper things.

You will be challenged to re-examine your approach to handling Scripture with children. 

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The First Edition of the KMC Small Church Edition- Join Host Tom Bump and his guest as they begin a monthly series called The Kids Ministry Collective Small Church Edition. 

These special episodes will feature topics and guests that are smaller church leaders! We are super excited to share these with you

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Join Tom Bump and his guest Jessica Bealer as they discuss why every Children's ministry needs to develop a Coaching structure vs a training culture. 

For many leaders in Children’s ministry the thought of building a coaching structure seems like the impossible dream. Or that establishing people to coach their ministry could feel unnecessary

My guest today shared some amazing information at Orange Conference along with her husband Frank. Jessica Bealer welcome back to the KMC!


Tell our listeners about what you’ve been up to lately and your work with Generis.


Ok, so I was in this breakout and was so struck by the importance of changing our thinking about what it means to have a coaching structure:  I heard it said in a different breakout but it fit with what you and Frank were going to share: We recruit all year long and most of us only do 1 or 2 trainings a year, so what does that mean for those we recruit in between?  I started to wonder if this isn’t why we have leaders who quit so quickly, because they just haven't been equipped well enough from start to finish.


Q1-What did you mean by we develop an effective coaching structure?

*teaching them how and why we do what we do? Coaching is on going- individual who is assigned and focused to develop leaders.

Coaches are to serve the leaders.


Q2-So most of us have a training mentality why do you believe a Coaching mentality/structure is the way to go?

  • Training events doesn’t connect with all your team, and coaching reaches all the team.
  • Its personal.
  • How can we put individuals in place that are “experts” to better lead the team?
  • So the training happens every week.

Create an onboarding coaching

Create an existing volunteer coaching.


Q3- So how does one go about setting up a Coaching Structure? What are the initial steps?

  1. You need to realize that you are pulling some of your Leaders away from the small group room. And ask them to step into a higher leader.  (they need to be your best) Don’t duplicate 2nd best. - They need to be good, but they need to be able to lead adults.

     *The goal is to take them off the roster and into a coach- (Huge hurdle)-

     * Help them realize what there Job is and what it isn’t.

     *Don’t let them do both.

     B.- Cast the vision to these new Coaches and what this model looks like.

         *Establish leadership and then coaches-

Q5- You gave a caution when it comes to the huddles a lot of us do pre-service: and shared that we often undermine the coaching strategy we focus on logistics: what else should we be aware of?

*You can define wins here.


Q6- So how would a small church leader implement this coaching model?

What would be the most important steps to take?

  • You still need someone to help you. - There will be a time where you can’t do it all anymore.
  • When you get to 10 or more volunteers, you need a coach.-
  • Looking for 2, a Coordinator and a Coach
  • 70% rule- If they can do it of what I can do, hand it over.
  • You are not looking for you, you want them to start with 70% of what you can do they won’t stay there for long they will go better.
  • You have to replace you.


We have to inspect what we expect!

When you hand something off. - go into your calendar and set up a recurring followup with them.


How can leaders learn more about this model? You have a coaching program opening up soon tell us about.

If you'd like to see the presentation notes from Orange conference


Join Tom Bump and his guest, Jason Tilley (

as they discuss how any leader can unlock creativity to solve any challenge they face in ministry.

Q1 So why is it that leaders can struggle with Creativity?

Q2: What can a leader do to get that Creativity back or stir it up inside of them?


Believe you are creative.

  • We are made in the image of a creative God and are therefore creative in our own right.
  • Believing a lie that you are not creative is a surefire way to keep it locked up.

Q3: So we work on our belief system to embrace the God-given creativity: where does one start?


Define the Problem

  • Make observations
  • Ask questions- Why does this happen?

*Get to the root.-


Q4: Sometimes it can feel overwhelming our outside our comfort zones to lead creatively, what do I need to do to make sure I’m moving forward?

*God-sized problems take God-sized solutions.


Assemble a team- doesn’t have to be staff-

  • Dreamers
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Doers

Q5: So I’ve looked at a problem and have a good grasp on it, I’ve started defining the challenge I have and start observing some causes and maybe even solutions. I’ve started gathering some others who have gifts to help, what next?


Find Your Solution

  • A process by which the group finds a solution they want to try
  • Constraints and Context


Q6- this can seem very overwhelming to leaders especially if they struggle with having any help, what encouragement can you give?


Start Small

  • Prototype and iterate until you are happy with your solution


Make a Choice

  • Pivot or persevere.
  • Do I want to keep trying or is it time to look for a new solution?

Join Tom Bump and his guest Kent Currie as they discuss how any church can offer Day Camps. Kent has been doing these for years and offers some great advice and wisdom about how and why Day Camps can be a powerful ministry for churches to offer.