Join Host Tom Bump and his guest, Jean Thomason, AKA "Miss Pattycake" as they discuss why we praise with preschoolers.  If you aren't being intentional in your preschool ministry you are missing the boat.  This conversation gives leaders many things to think about how they can minister to the littles.


Have you been asking this? I know I have, Today's episode is a heart felt approach to helping every leader make the most of challenging and hard seasons. Join host Tom Bump as he shares some steps to move you from focusing on the hard to embracing the lessons and blessings.

Check out Tom's Book, Valleys Over Mountains, A Guide for the Hard Seasons. Available in print or Kindle now.

If you need help with discouragement, if you are ready to quit, Before you take another step, set up a 30 min call to get some new perspective.

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Every leader knows that the next generation matters, but why do they matter? How do we reach them and how do we help parents as they build into their faith journeys? Join host Tom Bump and his guest Julie Kurz, Author of, "For the Faith of the Next Generation."

To Learn More about Julie check out her website:

Ministry leaders need to have some deep discussions about discipleship in the new reality. Not sure what that looks like? Join Tom Bump and his guest Matt Markins, President and CEO of Awana as they discuss the newest research project from Barna and Awana. 

Today's discipleship strategy must look different from yesterdays. Matt shares from this new research project, "Children's Ministry in a New Reality.

The video presentation is also available

Is it time to shake your memory? Have you forgotten some of the most important things about ministry and why you're in it?

I hope this episode can help you remember and see why its important to never forget. 


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Do you struggle with Technology on Sundays? Wonder how to help volunteers who don't want to serve because of all the prep? How do we engage and equip families at home?

Join host Tom Bump and his guest, Grant Glas from Playlister

as they discuss answers to all of these questions and more!!!

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Join host Tom Bump, as he has a conversation about helping kids learn to carry life challenges. For many parents they struggle with how to help their children deal with identity, comparison, rejection and guild. Chris Sasser, author of the book, "Bags, Helping Kids Light the Load"   Will help us unpack these challenges. 


For more info:

There's a lot going on behind the smiles of kids, adults and leaders today. Do you look behind them? What's going on in their world? We need to know. Join Tom Bump as he talks about this important and challenging topic. 

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Join host & leadership coach Tom Bump and he offers some questions you should ask yourself about margin? Do you have it? Do you use it to build your ministry?

If you don't it can cost you so much. This episode will give you several questions to evaluate your calendar and priorities.


If you need help with this, let's talk about coaching and how it can help you find margin.

Join host Tom Bump and his TWO guests! as they discuss the world of Kidmin, leaders, media and much much more!! 

Carl Barnhill of 1230Media And Jason Noble host of the new podcast The Kidmin Tribe

Thanks to 1230 media for sponsoring this episode of the KMC!

As leaders the odd of us meeting a family who has a child with trauma or special needs has increased dramatically. We as leaders must be committed to serving all God's children and my guest Kerri Ann Hayes has some great wisdom to share how this can happen. 

Her book, "Accessible Church" is now available. 

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Have you struggled or are facing some big decisions? Tom has some great steps to walk through to help take the struggle out of the decision making process. What is your process?


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Need some soul care help? Need a safe place to vent?

join host Tom Bump, and his guest Hunter Williams as they discuss how ministry leaders can enable more parents to disciple at home. Family discipleship can be fun, simple and have a powerful impact.


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As ministry leaders we are called to teach God's Word to EVERYONE! My guest today on the podcast is Laura Deeken founder of The Adapted Word which is a ministry that helps anyone take the word of God and share it with those children who have special needs. Its a great website and resource ever leader should connect with.

to learn more:


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Worship is a powerful ministry inside the church. Many leaders miss out on great opportunities to bridge the gap between other ministries in the church. Join Host Tom Bump and his guest, Charley Talley and Keith Melius of CMWorship. They share some simple and powerful truth of how worship can build bridges to various ministries inside of the church. 

To Learn more about CMWorship:

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Being leaders is such an up and down place to be. As Kids Ministry leaders it can be even more challenging in today's world and we must become resilient in who we are before we can lead boldly. Melissa J. MacDonald shares some great practical wisdom of every leader and we had some great conversations about where we are and were we are going as ministry leaders. 

To learn more about Mellissa J. Macdonald check out her website

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Have you ever said yes to something and then shortly after realize you should have said, NO! Too many leaders wind up with deep regret and often become more overwhelmed because they haven't learned how to say no. 

This informative episode can offer some simple but powerful tips to help change that!

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Want to learn about the Restoring Leaders Retreats

This episode is based off some research that guest, Tony Kummer conducted. He surveyed over 1200 leaders and how ministry was going during this pandemic. This episode digs into that research. The discussion was full of great ideas and take aways!


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Are you a leader who wrestles with how to connect church and the home? Does engaging parents to disciple their children keep you awake?

Are you also just worn out and ready for a RESET???

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The struggle for building volunteers  before the pandemic was hard but now it feels worse right?? Nick Blevins from Ministry Boost shares how to build a volunteer playbook that was proven before the pandemic and still works. 

Nothing has gotten easier but if you are committed and work the process surrounded in prayer you can build a healthy team.


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