Ever struggle with having so many ideas that you don't know which to implement or why you should use any of them? Many leaders struggle with returning from a conference or reading a book and getting so many ideas that they wind up spinning their wheels.

Host Tom Bump and the KMC Coach share 9 great questions to ask when you get an idea.

If you find yourself stuck or at a loss for new ideas, check out www.kmccoach.net 

Every wonder how to help families establish a spiritual rhythm? This conversation with parent coach and pastor Steve Bourque is a great one to listen to. Steve also helps parents and churches utilize a simple and doable process to help families win at home!



websites: https://stevenbourque.com/

https://stevenbourque.com/family-rhythm/family-rhythm-coaching/, https://stevenbourque.com/family-rhythm/ 


Are you ready for something NEW?? 

What does Isaiah have to say about New Things??? Are you really ready for God to do something new in '22?

Let's dig into this conversation together and see what we can do to prepare ourselves for something new.


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Join Host Tom Bump, and his guest, Dove Award winning Artist and now Author, Yancy! She shares some powerful truth from her new book Sweet Sound  The power of discipling kids in worship.

If you want to change the worship culture of your ministry, this book will move you in that direction, inspire you to dream about what will help children grow closer to God too! 

Order the book here and get some free bonuses too!!  Sweet Sound

Have you experienced a hard season in leadership? Struggled with overwhelm or feelings of burnout? Join Tom Bump as he shares about his brand new book Valley's Over Mountains, A Guide For the Hard Seasons.


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Join host Tom Bump as he shares about his upcoming book, Valleys Over Mountains, A Guide Through the Hard Seasons.  

If you find yourself overwhelmed, tired, in ministry transition, this episode is for you!!





Have you ever received a hard critique? It hurts doesn't it?  Join host Tom Bump and his guest John Tillman as they discuss how to handle and even give critiques. There is a way to receive and give critique so that it does bring about something good. 

To see the blogpost that was mentioned check out. Responding to Critiques

To read more of what John writes: The Park Forum


If you are stuck in leadership and want to make some changes: KMCCoach.net

If you have been wounded by critiques and need some help processing: RestoringLeaders.org

Join Leadership Coach, Tom Bump as he shares three major paradigm shifts every leader should consider before 2022! 

Most leaders may not be thinking like this so we want to ask the questions to help start the conversation for you.


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If you are dealing with overwhelm, hurt , or symptoms of burnout and need some help navigating the hard seasons. Check out www.restoringleaders.org 

Join Tom Bump, leadership coach for www.kmcoach.net as he shares some simple principles that can be missed about how to finish a year strong and starting a new year stronger too! 

Every leader has opportunity to make the most of their time and days. How will you spend in?


Join Tom Bump for this encouraging episode. What 3 thinks does a leader need to lead in the new now? There are 3 R's but they may not be what you think. You definitely need to hear this.


If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and need some fresh perspective, you should consider a ministry coach. Check out www.kmccoach.net 

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Join Host Tom Bump and his coach and friend Jim Wideman! Jim's book Authentic Leadership That Lasts is available now Jim shares some leadership gold in this episode.

If your desire is to grow yourself as a leader this book is a MUST READ!

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What are you pursuing?? And at what pace are you doing it at???  Join Tom Bump as he shares a question from a KMC Coaching leader.  How you pursue ministry growth matters and so does your pace of doing it. What did Jesus say about all of this? Listen and find out.


If you are leading and pursing the wrong things, coaching can  help you get things back in alignment. Check out www.kmccoach.net

If your pace is wrong, you need to slow down and figure out what's a godly sustainable pace, we can  help. www.restoringleaders.org


Join Tom Bump as he shares why the fourth quarter matters so much in leadership and ministry. What you do right now matters and it matters for the next season to come. If you aren't using the time wisely you are setting up your next season to not be as impactful as it could be.

If you need help with planning, dreaming, getting ready for 2022, let's talk over at www.kmcoach.net 

If you are feeling alone, hurt, worn out or even ready to quit, you should schedule some time with a guide who can understand and offer some help. www.restoringleaders.org


Join Host Tom Bump on this episode as he shares some thing every leader things and sometimes says, out-loud. I QUIT!

Believe it or not, there are some things you SHOULD QUIT! Listen and find out what!


If you are discouraged, worn out, burnout, wounded, feeling overwhelmed or alone, please take a moment and go to www.restoringleaders.org and schedule a call to be heard. This is truly a judgement free space to share and find someone who understands. Let's talk! 

Join host Tom Bump as he talks with Steven Bell about engaging families in today's world.

So many leaders struggle and Steven has some solid ideas and resources to help you encourage and equip families as they disciple their children.

To learn more go to: NonStopFamilies


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Jingle Jam: Light Show Event Kit and it's a game-changer because you get everything you need to host an interactive event with music, games, the Christmas story and more. Get your free kit: https://bit.ly/3nut596


Join Host Tom Bump, as he answers some leadership coaching questions. 

How's my waterline and how do I navigate ministry seasons?  We all can become vulnerable to ministry failure if we don't regularly check our "waterlines" and I have a few thoughts and questions you should regularly ask of yourself to help with that.

We also can struggle with seasons of restlessness, confusion and doubt. How do we navigate those seasons and not let them set us into a tailspin??

If you need help with leadership development, task/time management, growth structures than check out www.kmccoach.net

If you are struggling with burnout, are in-between positions and feel wounded or hurt, please don't walk alone. www.restoringleaders.org 


Join Tom Bump the KMC Coach as he asks the question: What are You Investing in?? What we invest our talent, time, and treasure will have eternal ramifications. Are you investing in the right people, places and things? Take a listen and let us know what you think!


If you need leadership help: www.kmccoach.net

If you are struggling with hurt or burnout: www.restoringleaders.org


Join Host Tom Bump as he discusses something that tripped him up as a younger leader and still trips up so many today. Shiny Penny Syndrome. What is it? How do you avoid it and what can you learn from it.


If you need help figuring it out, check out www.kmccoach.net 

Join host Tom Bump for a powerful conversation with Author, Caleb Kaltenbach as they discuss his new book, MESSY TRUTH

There is a battle going on in culture with LGBTQ, Gender Identity and the Bible. Where do Christians draw lines and how do we create Community that loves all without compromising God's Word?

Don't miss this conversation!

If you haven't read Messy Grace, I highly recommend it!!-- Tom


Join host Tom Bump as he welcomes an amazing Kidmin Leader and Creative, Dema Kohen to the podcast.

Have you ever struggled with children and their out of control emotions? Dema introduces a resource called, Jesus and Emotions, A Creative Journal for Families. 

Not only this resource but Dema comes from The Ukraine and  has a powerful story of how God used his emotions to call him into ministry. You won't forget his story and you MUST check out his resources at www.wearekidmin.com



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