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Kids Ministry Collective #149 From A Restored Heart- Tom Bump

Every leader struggles. Every leader hurts at times.  Listen as Tom Bump shares from his heart about restoration and what God is leading him to do.  If you have been wounded in ministry or if you struggle with burnout, this is the podcast for you.


Kids Ministry Collective #147 Toxic Leadership with Leanne Woelk & Trisha Peach

This is a podcast every leader should listen to. Join Host Tom Bump and his guests, Leanne Woelk and Trisha Peach. They have a roundtable discussion about the cause and effects of Toxic Leadership.  


Resources Mentioned On Episode:

Why We Quit by Trisha Peach

Handle With Care Ministries

The Peace Maker by Ken Sande

Restoring Leaders Ministry

Kids Ministry Collective#147 Why Kids Need WOW right NOW!! Steve Pennington

Join host Tom Bump as he has a great conversation with his guest Steve Pennington about how you can have a WOW experience this summer for Vacation Bible School.

Tired of doing the same thing? looking for a way to reach families that haven't stepped into your building yet? You need to check out WOW VBS!!!



Kids Ministry Collective 146 Should I Stay Or Go? What Should I Know? Part2

Join host Tom Bump and his two guests, Ron Brooks and David Maddron as they continue the conversation about ministry seasons and transitions.  So many leaders struggle with when to leave a ministry or they get blindsided and don't know what to do next.

This is a real and raw conversation. If you haven't listened to Part 1 do that first!!!


If you need someone to talk to Please check out


Kids Ministry Collective Podcast 145 Stay Or Go? What Should I Know? Part 1

Join Host Tom Bump and his two special guests, Ron Brooks (KMC Podcast Cohost & Co-Founder of the KMC) and David Maddron, children's ministry veteran.

They dive into part 1 of a 2 part conversation on understanding how and when to stay or go from a ministry position. This is a real and raw conversation.  You don't want to miss Part 2 as they wrap up this powerful conversation. 

If you need someone to talk through the topics on this episode, feel free to go to and schedule a call.


Thanks to this week's sponsor: The BEST place to find anything related to Kids Ministry!!! 

Kids Ministry Collective 144 Get Them And Lead Them! Mark Millard (The Lads)

Join host Tom Bump and his guest co-host Jared Massey as they talk with Mark Millard part of the duo known as The Lads!

Many of you will know them or may have used some of their music in kids worship. They were based in Tennessee for 13 years where they ministered itinerantly at kids camps and VBS’s providing wor›ship and ‘kids style evangelism’. They’ve produced TV content - one of their shows ‘The Lads TV’ was aired on the TBN network to 180 countries around the world. A couple of years ago they moved back to their homeland of New Zealand, where they continue to produce kids worship music and kid focused video content. 

Don't miss their amazing deal on a Years Worth of Worship Resources for $39: 

Kids Ministry Collective #143 Let Go and Run with Preteens- Sean Sweet

Join Host Tom Bump and his guest Sean Sweet, founder of  

Every church needs to make sure they are engaging with the preteens in their ministry and yet, many are intimidated by this group.  Sean Sweet shares some awesome wisdom about why every church can and should Let Go and Run with their preteens!!!


Links Mentioned in Episode:

Kids Ministry Collective 142 DIVE IN with Andy Rogers

Join Tom Bump and his guest, Andy Rogers who has written a fantastic devotional resource for kids!  If you want your children to dive into God's word and have it speak to them in age appropriate ways, you need to check out Dive In Devotions for Kids! 

It's available at or Amazon for bulk purchases.

Kids Ministry Collective #141 Churches Can Win the “PHYGITAL” battle- Brett Owens

What is "PHYGITAL" mean?  Take a listen to this weeks podcast with host Tom Bump and his guest, Brett Owens from EPIC Ministries 

Many churches are struggling to engage digitally with kids and families and also struggle to open their physical buildings again and re-engage kids there too. 

You don't have to get discouraged as Epic Ministries shares some incredible ideas and resources to help you win on both fronts.

Sponsor: where you can find personalized coaching fit to any leaders budget. We want to help you lead more to reach more!

Kids Ministry Collective #140 Together We Care Jillian Palmiotto

Join host Tom Bump and his guest Jillian Palmiotto from Together We Care

Every church as an opportunity to step into the lives of special needs families. During this pandemic, they have lost so much from teachers to networks. This is a golden opportunity to share the love of Jesus and serve them.

This conversation will is a must listen!!


Together We Care exists to create partnerships to ensure that individuals with disabilities are afforded equal opportunities for independence and inclusion in all aspects of their community.

To learn more use this link: Together We Care

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