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Dr. Kevin Monahan is the Next Gen Pastor at 12Stone Church in Metro Atlanta, GA.  With over 25 years of ministry experience, he has ministry expertise in working with kids, middle school, high school as well as college student and young adults. Kevin has been married to his wife, Meghan, for over 18 years and has three children:  Jacob, Aidan and Olivia. He has a Master of Divinity in Counseling, as well as a Doctorate in Adolescent Development. He enjoys playing guitar, remodeling homes, playing soccer and equipping this generation to impact the world for Christ.

Nick and his wife Jennifer have been married for over a decade and are blessed with their 2 kids, Isaac & Mackenzie. Nick serves on the leadership team at Community Christian Church and leads the NextGen Ministry staff team. Nick loves to help church leaders work on their ministry (not just in it) and he is a certified Church StratOp facilitator, helping churches walk through the proven strategic planning process of StratOp. You can find his writing, free resources, and weekly interviews with family ministry leaders at

Show Notes:

What trends do you see in Kidmin and Family Ministry?

Greater sense of unity in the church and outside the church (churches working together more)

Uses of technology- the greater need for leaders understanding how to use social media and the best ways to leverage it to connect with the community and parents. 

More Tribe conversation and more tribes having conversations with each other. 

Using FB ads, email marketing

What are leaders doing well to develop leaders and their ministry?

More intentional about relational discipleship. 

Small groups are better at building those relationships and are taking kids and students deeper.

Better networking is being done now than before.

As far as developing leaders:

*Define what leadership looks like- coaching structures and leveraging part-time staff.

*Better alignment among ministries.

*Better training for volunteers.

*More intentional with creating healthier volunteer cultures.

What can leaders in smaller ministries do to develop leaders (principles still apply to larger churches as well.)

*Be clear with your roles- You must use job descriptions, put it on paper!

*Be Patient- it takes time to develop leaders and you must figure out a stepping up  process to help them take next steps in responsibility and ownership. 

*Be Encouraging- You need to be their champion and let them know it. Be intentional about your encouragement with cards, texts, and phone calls. Let them know how you see them growing and developing as a leader.

**Leadership creates space for others to lead** (Tweet This!) 

*You should ask, who can step into my role now and how can I help them become a better leader? start a process now to move them forward.

Invest time and resources into them. - conferences, books, podcasts. 

Create a team and teach them leadership principles. is set up to help leaders no matter what size church grow their influence and leadership level. They offer many types of training and are also parting with You-Lead Coaching from Re-Think Group 


The episode on Control Freaks mentioned 

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Join Host Tom Bump with guests, John Tillman and Jason Tilley from Ministry Accelerator, org

They discuss the Power of Story and how to collect, clarify and utilize the power of story in ministry. 

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Join host Tom Bump with Special Guest Tom "Little Tommy" Toombs as they discuss the power of laughter, keys to begin a solid leader and how to have longevity in ministry. Tom Toombs is a veteran Kidmin leader who also is a traveling evangelist and performer. From Firebreathing to his special character, "Little Tommy" he has shared the good news all over the world and to thousands of people! 

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Join host Tom Bump and his guest, Bill Gunter aka "Commander Bill"  as they discuss the ongoing battle over discipleship and who should be doing it?  Many in Kidmin can sometimes have a negative opinion about who's doing a better job of discipleing children. So take a listen and also check out Bill's blog 

Join host Tom Bump and his guests from Ministry Accelerator; Jason Tilley and John Tillman as they discuss a BIG question that could put you in a fantastic position to really empower families to succeed in leading their children spiritually.  

What is this question? Listen and find out!!

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Join host Tom Bump - @ptbump and his guest Mel Walker, a youth ministry veteran who served as a college recruiter and student pastor for many years. He also serves with and leads Vision For Youth an organization that helps youth ministries all over the world.  

This episode we discuss the importance of intergenerational ministry and Mel's new book Going For God. A Fantastic new resource for student ministries to read together and help students Go for God!

Join Tom Bump and his guests from Ministry Accelerator- Jason Tilly and John Tillman as they discuss the reasons for why every Kidmin Leader should have a spiritual development plan for their ministry and why they should be helping parents develop a plan for their families.  This is the first in a series of podcasts discussing this concept and how leaders can and should develop a roadmap for discipleship. 

Join Tom Bump, Steve Cullum, Nick Blevins, Tom Pounder and David Maddron - 5 Bloggers, 5 Podcasters Uniting their podcasts as ONE!  Join the fun as they recap Orange Conference 2018 

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Join Host Tom Bump @ptbump, and Jason Tilley (jason@ministryaccelerator) as they discuss a possible reason to shift our focus from all on Sunday to a weekly partnership with parents. 

What can a solo leader do to not only disciple kids on Sunday, but how do we and why should we consider changing our focus and time spent on the weekend? 

Join Host, Tom Bump @ptbump with his guest Dan Scott, ,Author of a new book about preteens entitled "Caught In-, Between, Engage your preteens before they checkout!"  This fantastic resource is now available and will help leaders think through preteen ministry in a whole new way. 

I can guarantee you will have some AHA! moments with this book and if you're looking to make a place where 4-6 graders fully engage instead of mentally check out, this book is for you!