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KMC #59 Helping Disciple All Generations- Dr. Ron Hunter

April 8, 2019

Dr. Ron Hunter- Why WE can’t cant get family Discipleship wrong.

 *The church is here to make the family wonderful


*Our goal should be to help parents, help their children share God’s image.

 The church leader mindset:

 The parent mindset:


1/168= 1 hour in a week, is not enough


What can a leader do to help parents?

*Keep them informed about what’s going on every Sunday.

*Teach parents to teach their children to pray and how to pray with them.


*Create teachable moments

*Help them with Value Shaping


How do we start?

*Find a champion

*Equip them to partner with parents

*Communicate often 


Resource Mentioned

D6 Plus