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KMC #115 - Leadership Lessons, And Growing Together with Ricardo Miller

July 19, 2020

Leadership, Lessons, And Growing Together

Today's episode my friend Richardo Miller joins me. He is an author, innovator, motivator, and speaker who is also a Kids pastor.  He has some fantastic wisdom to share with us today.


  1. You love helping leaders grow, why is that?
    • I love following Jesus- Jesus built his team and developed them.
    • Develop Leaders, NOT just helpers!
    • Develop yourself after the pattern of Jesus


  1. As you look back over your years of ministry what would you have liked to have known then what you know now?
  • The title doesn’ mean you have to know everything.
  • Be comfortable in who you are: Find people who can do things you can do and let them do it better.
  • Embrace others strengths.
  • Don’t hold the ministry hostage because you can’t or aren’t good at something. 


  1. What has God been teaching you about leadership lately in the midst of Covid19
  • You are Not alone.
  • When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Get ready.
  • Someone is succeeding where you are failing, lean into others! Reach out to others.
  1. Tell us about how your church is doing ministry during Covid19
  • Evaluate everything
  • Develop new strategies
  • Be open to change
  • It's changing, ready, or not.
  • Don’t stay the same, Innovation always follows a crisis. What can come from this?
  • Consider this: 
    • The VHS lasted for something like 20years
    • The DVD lasted for something like 10years
    • The Blue Ray lasted for something like 5 years
    • Now Streaming is killing it all.
  • What can be the “Streaming” in the children’s ministry world?
  • Don’t just force the same things into a new platform
  • Don’t play it safe. 
  1. With all the racial tension in the world, how do you handle it as a person of color?
  • Lead with Grace and Love
  • Live with the peace that God brings and give it to others freely.
  • Be slow to be offended

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