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Kids Ministry Collective #52 Get Organized with Jim Wideman

December 31, 2018

Everyone is born, but not born organized.  Everyone CAN learn to be organized with some discipline and determination. 

One obstacle that doesn't have to be an obstacle is the feeling of being overwhelmed by all that needs to be done in ministry.

Jim states: Overwhelmed means you have lost the ability to break down big tasks into small steps.

God orders a mans steps  not jumps

How do you get organized?

 Start thinking in smaller steps- Take a big event and break it down

 *Put it on the Calendar and then work backward giving yourself small tasks with reminders to complete them in order. 

A. Plan- How do you spend your time- look at it like currency and spend wisely.

    * Keep track of your time.

B. Prepare- This is where you divide your "event" into smaller tasks.

   *Set up reminders on a Calendar 

   * Use a To-Do App ( ToDoist) 

** When you want to make firewood which is faster Manual tool or Power tool? Why use a manual tool when you can get it done faster and better by using a power tool?

Using the Calendar and a To-Do app, lets you set up priorities 

C. Evaluate Every Day- Take a look at how you actually spent your time and set up your next day. 

    * Look Back

    * Look Ahead

    * Look to Delegate and leverage someone's time, you get time back. 

Old Jim would tell Young Jim:

1) Set priorities and stick with them ( You'll know by looking at your calendar

     *Can you name them? Does your calendar prove they are priorities?

     *Block off time to keep them a priority. 

2) Evaluate your time based on priorities.

     Questions you should ask: Have I ever been more in love with Jesus than I am right now?

                                               How am I spiritually? How is my marriage?

3) Ask younger people to keep you current with tech and culture


The right tools are worth investing in so that you can be a good steward with your time and talents. 


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