Kids Ministry Collective

Kids Ministry Collective #112 Unleashing Your Inner Kidmin - Ben Fowlkes

June 21, 2020

Join Tom Bump and his guest, Ben Folwkes- This was recorded during a "White Board Wednesday session on the KMC Facebook Group: 

If you struggle with creativity, Ben share's some great ideas on how to stir it up again and find it. 

There are 5 ways I go about channeling the inner kid and every time without fail creativity seems to follow…


  1. Where a kid can be a kid - ToysRus
  2. Press the Big Red Button - Jetsons
  3. Know your hood. - Mister Rogers
  4. Break down the walls - Kool Aid Man
  5. Be a little Curious - Mr. Bean

What happens when we grow up and become less like a child:

See the Big H’s  - Hurt, Hardship, Hate, Headaches, and the Hesitations of Life

Lose the Fun


Book Suggestions: 

Purple Cow- Seth Godin

Creative Inc- Ed Cattmill