Kids Ministry Collective

How to have a summer of Impact! KMC #61

May 7, 2019

How to I win this Summer? How to have the most impactful summer?


We all win this summer by reaching more children and their families in our churches so how do we set our selves up to win?


Here are some things I’ve learned over the years and If I were sitting in a coaching appointment question I’d ask you.


1) What is does the best summer ever look like for your ministry? Describe it for me. What would you have accomplished by the end?

What events would you do?


2) What are the things (goals) you’d like to reach by summers end?


So ultimately what is your End Goal for the summer? Specifically, name your measurable wins.


Then, Ask Why are those my wins? Do you have a why?


Take your list and re-write them by the highest priority first.


3)What would have to be eliminated to accomplish those?


4) What would have to be added?


5)Who could help me accomplish these Goals?


6)What could be some challenges that stand in our way
 *Leadership, $$$, volunteers?


7) What steps do I need to take by what date to accomplish 1 of these (highest priorities) Who would lead? Who could assist?


8) When do I start? when do I finish?


AS you look through each of these steps you place on your calendar and set up reminders to help you along the way


Build your summer with intentionality and when you get to the end you will find yourself having a greater impact because you were fully prepared and focused.


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