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Join Host Tom Bump and his special guest Leann Woelk

As they discuss her breakout from the Children's Pastors Conference. INCM.Org

Prayer is so important and connecting with God the Father is vital to a child's discipleship. If you want to freshen your own prayer life you DON'T want to miss this episode. 

Join Host Tom Bump and Jennifer Kline "THE BEST VBS" 

Learn about the WHY? behind a great VBS program and how you can find that same passion to reach so many children this summer.

What does it take to have a BEST VBS? and What do you do to make sure you have the teams planning to make it happen!

Enjoy this episode!! 

Join Host Tom Bump and his well... 2 Guests Ben Fowlkes, Senior Kids Pastor at and the JOY Germ

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Join Tom Bump as he wraps up 2019 and looks forward to 2020! 

Are you asking yourself and your teams the right questions?

Are you wanting to make 2020 a greater year for the Kingdom? then you need to examine the questions your asking and have the boldness to take steps even at the risk of failure!

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Join Host Tom Bump KMC COACH and His Guest Jason Underhill as they discuss how challenging it is for Ministry Leaders to gain influence and favor with Senior Leaders. Jason shares from his 20 years of experience in leading a team and serving under leaders how he found ways to gain his leaders trust and to lead up and out.


Jason serves as the Children and Family Pastor at Austin Ridge Bible Church


Instagram: Jasonunderhill

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Join Host Tom Bump and his guest Trisha Peach

She has written a very interesting book on "Why We Quit" So many leaders never make it past year 5 in ministry and we discuss the causes and how you can prevent yourself from becoming another statistic.


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Join Host Tom Bump as he discusses a new book with Dale Hudson LEAD WELL!

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Join the host of the Kids Ministry Collective Podcast Tom Bump as he chats with his guest Josh Denhart about how to recruit, retain and yes, even fire volunteers

Josh has created a fantastic new resource that is Masters Level Training on these topics

You can find it here : LEAD VOLUNTEERS    *This is an affiliate link and by using you help support the KMC Podcast, so thank you in advance.



Join Host Tom Bump and his guest Anne Marie Gosnell as they discuss how simple objects can create powerful teaching experiences for kids. 

She has written several object lesson series that can be used in church or at home. You need to check out her resources!


Join host Tom Bump and his guest Charlie Bancroft aka Uncle Charlie as they discuss an amazing story of God's miracles, calling and how a little stuffed monkey named Carlitos is impacting children all around the world!