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Kids Ministry Collective #118 We’ve Opened Kidmin- Ben Christensen and David Reanau

Join Host's Tom Bump and Ron Brooks for this episode where we learn from two great leaders.

Has your church closed its doors and considering reopening? You will find this conversation helpful. Join Host's Tom Bump and Ron Brooks for this episode where we learn from,  Ben Christensen and David Reneau, two great kidmin leaders who recently reopened. Find out how they planned, what they did, and how it worked (or didn’t work). 

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Kids Ministry Collective #117 BRITE days ahead for KIDMIN Discipleship

Join Tom Bump as he reviews a brand new curriculum called BRITE its from AWANA and its Fantastic!!


You should check out this amazing disciple-making powerhouse!

Kids Ministry Collective 116 GRAPES for Kids and Bread for Leaders with Tom Bump

Tom gets to share some GRAPES today from a great blog post by Ron Brooks


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KMC #115 - Leadership Lessons, And Growing Together with Ricardo Miller

Leadership, Lessons, And Growing Together

Today's episode my friend Richardo Miller joins me. He is an author, innovator, motivator, and speaker who is also a Kids pastor.  He has some fantastic wisdom to share with us today.


  1. You love helping leaders grow, why is that?
    • I love following Jesus- Jesus built his team and developed them.
    • Develop Leaders, NOT just helpers!
    • Develop yourself after the pattern of Jesus


  1. As you look back over your years of ministry what would you have liked to have known then what you know now?
  • The title doesn’ mean you have to know everything.
  • Be comfortable in who you are: Find people who can do things you can do and let them do it better.
  • Embrace others strengths.
  • Don’t hold the ministry hostage because you can’t or aren’t good at something. 


  1. What has God been teaching you about leadership lately in the midst of Covid19
  • You are Not alone.
  • When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Get ready.
  • Someone is succeeding where you are failing, lean into others! Reach out to others.
  1. Tell us about how your church is doing ministry during Covid19
  • Evaluate everything
  • Develop new strategies
  • Be open to change
  • It's changing, ready, or not.
  • Don’t stay the same, Innovation always follows a crisis. What can come from this?
  • Consider this: 
    • The VHS lasted for something like 20years
    • The DVD lasted for something like 10years
    • The Blue Ray lasted for something like 5 years
    • Now Streaming is killing it all.
  • What can be the “Streaming” in the children’s ministry world?
  • Don’t just force the same things into a new platform
  • Don’t play it safe. 
  1. With all the racial tension in the world, how do you handle it as a person of color?
  • Lead with Grace and Love
  • Live with the peace that God brings and give it to others freely.
  • Be slow to be offended

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KIds Ministry Collective #114 Crucial Transitions- Tom Bump

Today I want to share some crucial transitions we need to have in order to help our children's ministry face today's challenges. Where we choose to go now will impact the future in so many ways. If we aren't bold enough to face them, what will the price be for that?


I hope this is a blessing to you and encourages you to step boldly.

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KMC#113- Covid19 Fatigue, SummerTime and What Can I do to Launch?

Join Tom Bump as he shares some practical tips for how to overcome Covid Fatigue. He also shares some ideas for making Summertime super for you, kids, and your volunteer team. He wraps up this edition with thinking of some simple tips to help you prepare for relaunching in a healthy way.


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Kids Ministry Collective #112 Unleashing Your Inner Kidmin - Ben Fowlkes

Join Tom Bump and his guest, Ben Folwkes- This was recorded during a "White Board Wednesday session on the KMC Facebook Group: 

If you struggle with creativity, Ben share's some great ideas on how to stir it up again and find it. 

There are 5 ways I go about channeling the inner kid and every time without fail creativity seems to follow…


  1. Where a kid can be a kid - ToysRus
  2. Press the Big Red Button - Jetsons
  3. Know your hood. - Mister Rogers
  4. Break down the walls - Kool Aid Man
  5. Be a little Curious - Mr. Bean

What happens when we grow up and become less like a child:

See the Big H’s  - Hurt, Hardship, Hate, Headaches, and the Hesitations of Life

Lose the Fun


Book Suggestions: 

Purple Cow- Seth Godin

Creative Inc- Ed Cattmill 


Kids Ministry Collective #111 When Life Gives You Lemons Gerald Fadayomi

We had the honor of talking to Gerald Fadayomi about his newest book, When Life Gives You Lemons.  


In the conversation, Gerald talks to us about some of the challenges he has faced in his life that has caused him to question “Why?”

Gerald also talks about adversity, which all of us face. Listen to him talk to us about things we are in control of in our lives and things that are out of our control. Learn what he means when he says “Acknowledge the sour, see the potential, and ask the right questions.” 

Check out the interview, and be sure to grab the book!  When Life Gives You Lemons on Amazon

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KMC #110- Bridging the Racial Divide- Mahogany Dudley-Finley & Pastor Eric Hamp

I want to welcome to this episode Mahogany Dudley-Finley,  who serves with the International Network of Children's Ministry and Pastor Eric Hamp, Senior Pastor at Faith Family Christian Center Church. 


I am grateful for both of you joining me on short notice but I have followed both of you on social media and felt that you’d be the right ones to reach out to as I was praying how I could help respond to our country's crisis right now.  I would love to have a conversation focused on a couple of things:

What do we as white leaders need to understand about racism?

What can we as ministry leaders do to help bring change?

What can we do to serve our brothers and sisters who are grieving so deeply right now?

Where does the church and specifically kidmin go from here? What can we do to make real change happen?

Let’s hit some of the questions that I mentioned at the top of this episode:


What do we as white leaders need to understand about racism?

  • Inform yourself- As leaders, we need to do the hard work and get the right info.
  • Call it what it is, SIN. Racism is SIN, period.
  • Do we as leaders believe it is sinful to think one is superior over the other?
  • Make sure we as leaders are not passing on stereotypes or ideas that encourage this type of thinking.

What can we as ministry leaders do to help bring change?

We need to get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations. We need to embrace them.

Allow the Holy Spirit to step in and finish the sentences we are unable to finish.

What can we do to serve our brothers and sisters who are grieving so deeply right now?

Ask the questions but don’t put the burden of education on the person of color. We must seek to understand and listen carefully. 

Be fully present for our brothers and sisters. 

Dig In! - Do the hard work

Do the next right thing

Follow the Spirit’s lead.

Where do the church and specifically kidmin go from here? What can we do to make real change happen?

  1. Examine ourselves first.
    1. Take a heart inventory
    2. Ask, “what are we convinced of?”
      1. Do we see people as image-bearers?
  2. Go on a Journey of Learning
    1. Embrace the uncomfortable questions
    2. Engage in learning and listening.
  3. Figure out how to speak truth
    1. What conversations need to happen? 
    2. Hard change will not happen if you and I aren’t willing to change.
  4. Be willing to step out and take a risk.
  5. Be intentional about serving.
  6. Make sure everyone is represented. Help make other races visible even if your group isn’t diverse naturally. 

What resources could you point leaders to?

Check out Be the Bridge

International Network of Children's Ministry


Kids Ministry Collective #109- What Every Senior Leader wants Kidmin Leaders to know- Chris Sykes

Our guest today is Chris Sykes. We met him because he was asking some creative questions about what worship experiences and vbs could look like for the whole family. Chris is a Lead Pastor as The Church At Lake Forest in Walls, Mississippi. (


Chris also caught our attention with an impromptu Facebook live video talking direct to lead pastors concerning kids ministry, family services, and reopening the church. You can see the video on his facebook page here.  (


During our conversation, you will here Chris address both kidmin leaders and lead pastors since he comes from a kidmin background, but he has transitioned to a lead pastor now.  Much of the conversation will help lead pastors consider their kidmin when they reopen. Chris also talked to the kidmin leader about what their lead pastor is likely facing right now. 

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