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KMC #110- Bridging the Racial Divide- Mahogany Dudley-Finley & Pastor Eric Hamp

I want to welcome to this episode Mahogany Dudley-Finley,  who serves with the International Network of Children's Ministry and Pastor Eric Hamp, Senior Pastor at Faith Family Christian Center Church. 


I am grateful for both of you joining me on short notice but I have followed both of you on social media and felt that you’d be the right ones to reach out to as I was praying how I could help respond to our country's crisis right now.  I would love to have a conversation focused on a couple of things:

What do we as white leaders need to understand about racism?

What can we as ministry leaders do to help bring change?

What can we do to serve our brothers and sisters who are grieving so deeply right now?

Where does the church and specifically kidmin go from here? What can we do to make real change happen?

Let’s hit some of the questions that I mentioned at the top of this episode:


What do we as white leaders need to understand about racism?

  • Inform yourself- As leaders, we need to do the hard work and get the right info.
  • Call it what it is, SIN. Racism is SIN, period.
  • Do we as leaders believe it is sinful to think one is superior over the other?
  • Make sure we as leaders are not passing on stereotypes or ideas that encourage this type of thinking.

What can we as ministry leaders do to help bring change?

We need to get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations. We need to embrace them.

Allow the Holy Spirit to step in and finish the sentences we are unable to finish.

What can we do to serve our brothers and sisters who are grieving so deeply right now?

Ask the questions but don’t put the burden of education on the person of color. We must seek to understand and listen carefully. 

Be fully present for our brothers and sisters. 

Dig In! - Do the hard work

Do the next right thing

Follow the Spirit’s lead.

Where do the church and specifically kidmin go from here? What can we do to make real change happen?

  1. Examine ourselves first.
    1. Take a heart inventory
    2. Ask, “what are we convinced of?”
      1. Do we see people as image-bearers?
  2. Go on a Journey of Learning
    1. Embrace the uncomfortable questions
    2. Engage in learning and listening.
  3. Figure out how to speak truth
    1. What conversations need to happen? 
    2. Hard change will not happen if you and I aren’t willing to change.
  4. Be willing to step out and take a risk.
  5. Be intentional about serving.
  6. Make sure everyone is represented. Help make other races visible even if your group isn’t diverse naturally. 

What resources could you point leaders to?

Check out Be the Bridge

International Network of Children's Ministry


Kids Ministry Collective #109- What Every Senior Leader wants Kidmin Leaders to know- Chris Sykes

Our guest today is Chris Sykes. We met him because he was asking some creative questions about what worship experiences and vbs could look like for the whole family. Chris is a Lead Pastor as The Church At Lake Forest in Walls, Mississippi. (


Chris also caught our attention with an impromptu Facebook live video talking direct to lead pastors concerning kids ministry, family services, and reopening the church. You can see the video on his facebook page here.  (


During our conversation, you will here Chris address both kidmin leaders and lead pastors since he comes from a kidmin background, but he has transitioned to a lead pastor now.  Much of the conversation will help lead pastors consider their kidmin when they reopen. Chris also talked to the kidmin leader about what their lead pastor is likely facing right now. 

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KMC #108 Special OC20 Recap Edition

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Kids Ministry Collective #107 - Before You Open the Building- with Greg Atkinson

Join KMC hosts, Tom and Ron as they spend about 35 minutes with Greg discussing what Kid’s Ministry looks like as church’s begin to reopen after the quarantine brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

 Greg Atkinson is the Founder of Worship Impressions and the First Impressions Conference. Greg is an author, leadership coach, consultant, and member of the Forbes Coaching Council. Greg has worked with churches of all stages and sizes, including some of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the country, as well as with businesses, non-profits, and organizations such as Josh McDowell Ministries. Stay connected to Greg and his work here:

Some of the discussion points you will hear:

  •       Is your Kid’s Ministry clean, safe, and secure?
  •       What are some questions church leaders need to ask themselves when considering opening the church building?
  •       What will ‘First Impressions’ look like for Kid’s Ministry once churches reopen?
  •       What is something we need to get right the first time as we reopen?
  •       What is the future of the check-in process?
  •       What is the recommended capacity once we reopen?
  •       All this and more as Greg shares lots of great wisdom throughout the conversation.


Check out Greg’s 10 questions you can ask your congregation as you get close to reopening, as well as a list of great resources to help you make decisions as you get closer to opening your church doors. 

 If you're church needs help or you're a Senior Pastor who would like some help making messages Kid friendly let us know we are here to help you. 

Tom Bump's Contact info:

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KMC#106 Pandemic Guide For Ministry Leaders Kim Botto

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I'd love to know what have you learned and how/where have you grown the most?

Kids Ministry Collective #103 ONE Thing You Can’t Miss in Kidmin- David Rausch

Join Tom Bump and his guest, David Rausch the founder of Mooblio which produced GO! Curriculum  

David and Tom discuss the ONE Thing we can't get wrong, especially during this pandemic. This was a timely discussion and one you will really enjoy!


I also highly recommend you check out Go! Curriculum too. It is amazing and they have completely rebooted it to help any church during these challenging times!

KMC#102 Ministry to Special Needs during Covid-19

Join host Tom Bump and his guests from Key Ministry, Beth Golik and Catherine Boyle as they help us understand how to minister to families with children who have special needs and other hidden challenges.  Anxiety is so high already for these families the Church can step up and help.  This is such a great conversation and I highly recommend you check them out on Facebook or online. 

They have a bunch of fantastic resources. 

Kids Ministry Collective #101 Resilient Disciples with Matt Markins

This episode has a wonderful discussion about a new book from Awana called, Resilient! Join Tom Bump and his guest Matt Markins as they discuss why the church cannot afford to get discipleship wrong. The Church of 2050 is counting on us right now to make the most of the opportunities we have. 


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