Kids Ministry Collective

New Year Now What?? Kids Ministry Collective Episode #33

January 1, 2018

So 2018 is here, now what?? What will God do through you, your family and your ministry in 2018?

Here are 4 things from the story in Mark 2 that I think we need to have in place to see amazing things happen.

1) Faith- How big is your faith, is it as big as your God?  Do you believe God can accomplish greater things than you've ever seen before? REALLY, do YOU???

2) Plan- Whats your plan, are you ready to recieve God's plan or are you trying to copy what someone else is doing and using their plan? Are  you a follower instead of a leader? are you a copycat kidmin?  Don't use someone elses plan. Ask God for his plan for you, your family, your ministry and then WRITE IT DOWN!

3) Opposition- are you ready for it, do you know how to respond to it, instead of reacting??? It will come and if your faith is big and your plan is strong, you will push through any opposition and turn it into an opportunity to see God blow it away!

4) Implementation- Are you ready to put Gods plan into action. Don't question if you have the resources, time, budget or personell.  If God tells you to do it, go and do it and he will provide everything you need. You need to order your steps and then take them.

If God starts doing something, people will be saying, "We have NEVER seen anything like this!!!"

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