Kids Ministry Collective

KMC#58 Building Healthy Teams with Heidi Hensley

March 30, 2019

Show Notes for Building Healthy Teams with Heidi Hensley



Building healthy teams is so vital to the success of our children’s ministries that it can often become a daunting task for leaders. Heidi is an amazing leader who has built great leadership teams that lead healthy teams of volunteers so this episode discusses how she builds into her teams so they can build into the volunteers a healthy culture.


How do You recruit your leaders?

*Know the holes you have and what specific gifts, talents, personality you want in that place.

*Don’t fall into “warm body syndrome”

*Don’t focus just on ratios.

Then when it comes to recruitment, be specific and intentional.



You do 5 things on a regular basis with your leadership that flows over to volunteer teams:


  1. Prayer- Healthy prayer times lead to unity, seals out sinful divisions.

            *Start every huddle with prayer for each other

            *it connects you heart to heart.

            *It’s the glue that keeps teams together.


  1. Show Interest- because what we do is work of the heart we need to know each other.

            *How well do you know your leaders hearts?

            *”Stalk your team” (In Jesus’ name) LOL! Pay attention to what’s going on                 in their lives

            *Makes larger churches smaller

            *They are your congregation- you shepherd them, they shepherd their                      teams.

            *Everyone needs a real person to do life with.


  1. Handle Business- Keep short lists

            *No excuse not to follow Matthew 18 with each other.

            *Don’t allow conflict to boil over or remain.

            *Just do it! Don’t put talking about off.


  1. Ownership- Don’t be a control freak.

            *Cheer your team on

            *Let Go or they can’t lead.

            *Let them learn to love kidmin like you love it.

            *Let them place their fingerprints on things.



  1. Have Fun- Laugh a lot!

            *Prompt laughter and not just at work.

            *When you laugh together you bond.

            *Create intentional times to enjoy each other

            *Playing together bonds

            *Don’t forget what Joy looks lke.

            *Take a trip to IKEA an have some random object fun. Its better than any                personality tests.