Kids Ministry Collective

KMC #95 Cultivating a Thriving Volunteer Culture- Jason Tilley

February 16, 2020

To minister through volunteers you must minister to volunteers. Volunteers need a thriving community where they experience purpose, connection, and growth. And we want to take some time today to chat about how and why this is so important.

Join host, Tom Bump and his guest Jason Tilley from as they discuss the why and how of cultivating a thriving volunteer culture. 


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HuddleUp, which is an online (with a mobile app too) communication tool that’s designed to replace how a ministry uses Facebook Groups, Mailchimp, Remind, Slack/Groupme, etc. It’s a central hub for comms with volunteers, parents, and even students because it has safety/accountability baked into the design. Functionally, it allows you to send emails and texts and also hold ongoing chats.