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KMC #57 More than “just” a Kids Pastor- Sarah Murchie

March 24, 2019

Sarah Muchie- More than “just” a Children’s Pastor


For many in our KMC community, you serve in multiple roles, especially if you serve in a smaller church. You know, you have the job description that has one big asterisk that says, and other duties as required. Which means anything and everything the Senior leader doesn’t want to do? LOL!


Today’s guest understands the challenges of wearing multiple hats in a church setting. It’s been a while but welcome back to the podcast, Sarah Murchie, aka formerly known as Sarah Bundy!


Quotes from the Show-

Ministry is about managing the interruptions.

Leaders wearing multiple hats must learn to manage others time and their own.

Learn to leverage others time so you can do the things you do best.


How do you leverage others time?

*Don’t ask for open ended commitments.

*Let them do what they are good at.

*Give the license to say no.

*Give them a solid why to bring clarity to the ask.


How do you set up Boundaries so you don’t burn out?

-Don’t make your day off a foreign thing.

-Leave work, at work.

-If they can do 75-80% let them do it all.


Stay connected to the church body- get into service, be visible.

Get in a small group



*Be flexible