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Kids Ministry Collective #56 Church Security for Every Size Church- Jason Hensley

March 17, 2019

Jason Hensley- Church Security for Every Size Church


Everyone is more aware than ever that there is a need for having secure environments for our children’s ministry. Churches have become targets for those wanting to cause great casualties and so today’s kidmin leaders must be more diligent than ever.


Our guest today is Jason Hensley, The Director of Safety at Shadow Mountain Church in California and has oversight in the area of security. Welcome to the KMC podcast Jason Hensley.


Why secure a church? Proverbs 22:3!! Look it up!


Size shouldn’t matter when it comes to security protocols.


How/Where does one start when thinking about this ?

*See the Need- Understand the need- Walk around and ask, where are you vulnerable?

*Find someone who understands or has an interest in this idea.

*Develop Situational awareness: meaning- think: If this happened we would do______.

*Develop a Plan to respond to situations and then practice them, practice them practice them. (Evaluate what went well what did not. )

*Illustrate the Plan: see the Poster

            Steps on the Plan: Secure Campus




“If you don’t practice, its just a strategy.”


Don’t sit in denial and say it can’t happen here!


Develop a relationship with local law enforcement. Ask if they would walk through facility and make suggestions.

Invite them to practice in your facility.


What can you do with even no training?

*Create a “watchdog team” a group of people who observe and report. They are visible and paying attention to the environments.


Communication Plan- Develop how you communicate with rooms and with the Masses.

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