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KMC is about Children’s Ministry, Leadership, Parenting, and other various ministry ideas
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Kids Mininstry Collective Episode #9 Small Church Kids Ministry

Monday, January 9th, 2017 Uncategorized | Comments

This great episode features host Tom Bump with guests Bill Gunter AKA "Commander Bill" & Jared Massey. They discuss the challenges, joy's and issues facing today's small church kids ministry leaders.

Kids Ministry Collective #8 Living/Ministry by Priority

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 Uncategorized | Comments

Join Sarah, Wayne, and Tom as they discuss living and leading by priority.

How do we improve our serve by setting and living by priority?  What can it do for us and our ministries we lead?  These are just some of the questions our three leaders discuss on this episode.

KIds Ministry Collective #7 - Matt McKee- Parent Chat & Technology

Monday, August 22nd, 2016 Uncategorized | Comments

Join Tom and special Guest Matt Mckee as we chat about Matt's new book Parent Chat. This book is an amazing resource for parents to understand best how to use technology in their home and with their families.
He will also discuss a great tool called Circle with Disney which is a great tool to help parents monitor and control their electronic usage in their homes. 

Kids Ministry Collective #6 Caleb Kaltenbach - Messy Grace

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 Uncategorized | Comments

Caleb is the author of Messy Grace, He was raised by two gay parents and by God's messy grace came to salvation and is now a pastor. He wrote his story to help others think through how we as believers in Jesus, can respond, minister and love those in the LGBT community without compromising Biblical standards and convictions.

His heartfelt approach is based solidly on God's word. You will be blessed!

Kids Ministry Collective #5 Lead Up & Down

Monday, April 18th, 2016 Uncategorized | Comments


Panel- Dave Truitt, Sarah Bundy, Tom Bump

What are you working on now?

Just did another school assembly.  Now trying to work ahead so my trip to Atlanta (Orange) is smooth.  Always tough when any conference is the week before the start of a new month.

Sarah - Pating, getting new facelift on ministry areas.

Tom - Family VBS

Today we are talking about the ways we can lead and how to keep growing as a leader:

One of the things many in Kidmin struggle with is leading when you’re not THE leader, So what have you found to help you lead, share vision, etc with the larger church body?

Stories, Stories, Stories.  Stories of what the goal is, stories of how you are getting there.  Stories help paint a picture.  Make it your own.  Not something that another church does.

Relationships- Going to various church events, Make yourself available to others.

Take opportunity with everyone to share your vision.

Be visible

Be available

Be willing to serve outside Kidmin

Serve you senior leaders

Tom - serve in other ministries.  Help others..  

What can a leader do to encourage their senior Leader?

Be their biggest supporter.  Whatever is their dream, you need to be on board with and make it your dream too.  How can you help them with their wins.  Staff meetings - join in and don’t drift off when Sr. Leader is spending time talking about the “adult” service.

Sarah - Share what’s going on in your area. Share the wins, etc.   Share funny stories too.

Tom- Never leave them guessing, Keep them informed, Have their back, Pray for them regularly.  Keep the negative talk to yourself.

What can one do when the senior leader isn’t on the same page?

Protect Unity! No silos!  Don’t build walls up.

Pray.  Have honest conversations.   Share your vision.  Is it a Tension to be wrestled with or is it a problem that needs to be solved?  

Does the vision God has given you fit what God has given your leader?  Are they close, or on different paths.  The two of you might be great people, but might be MAC and PC.  Close, but not always compatible.

Have the conversation- be adults! Don’t let them slip past- keep a short list. Approach them in a positive way.

Knowing what you value as a church..  

RESOURCE: Jim Wideman Stay or Go?

What can Guys do to improve the working relationship with female Staff?

Communication- Take time to listen, don’t just jump in with an answer. Don’t jump into Fix-it mode! Listen first.

How do we develop volunteers to be Leaders?

Get over the Lone Ranger mentality. Empower them and let go of something. They can do things better than you in some settings.

Train them, take them to conferences, spend time with them teaching them to lead.  If they can do something 80% as you can, let them go with it.

ASK!!!  Set High Expectations.  Give them some wins.  Give them opportunities to actually LEAD, not just accomplishing tasks.  Being willing to LET GO!  Tough to do for some of us.

Have a plan- set up a way for them to develop their skills- Give them stepping stones to walk on.  

Give ministry away.

How do we develop Kids as Leaders?

Give them leadership opportunities!  Pull them up front.  Give them responsibilities.  Sound.  

Same as adults- develop a step by step plan to develop them, create some milestones for them to achieve and earn greater responsibility.

John Maxwell said, Leadership is “being” before “doing”

Develop the kids to lead an area of service,

Help them be role models

Book Recommendation- God’s Armor Bearer- Terry Nance

                Serving God’s leader

                God’s Armor Bearer, Running with your Pastors vision

                Not Normal- Sue Miller & Adam Duckworth

                Leading the Way God Made You- Larry Schallenberger

Kids Ministry Collective #4 - Nick Blevins

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 Uncategorized | Comments

 This episode we have a great interview with Nick Blevins.
We talk about Volunteers, Family Ministry and and interesting blog post concerning a quote from Andy Stanley about smaller churches.

KMC Episode 3 Volunteers, Apps for Organization and Leading Well

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 Uncategorized | Comments

KMC Episode #1 Ministry, Growth & Favorite Books

Saturday, March 12th, 2016 Uncategorized | Comments

Our First Episode of the new and improved KMC show!
Show Notes will be up soon.

KMC Episode #2

Saturday, March 12th, 2016 Uncategorized | Comments

Join, Tom, Phillip, Wayne, and Bill as they talk: Leadership, Growing as leader, Favorite Books and other fun Kidmin related topics in our Get to know the team episode.

Classic KMC Episode on Helping Kids Love the Bible

Saturday, March 12th, 2016 Uncategorized | Comments

Enjoy this classic KMC Radio Show Episode: Helping Kids love the Bible