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Join Tom Bump and his guest Bill Gunter as they discuss the challenges of doing ministry with a smaller church budget.

We don't focus on what we don't have, we focus on what we do and we maximize it.

Learn some great ideas about how you can do impactful ministry with little.


Join host Tom Bump and his guest Lynne Howard as they discuss a great blog post she wrote "what I would tell my non-parent self as a Children's Pastor. 

Some great tips to remember when we think about how to better minister to today's parents.



Join host Tom Bump and his amazing guest Yancy! as they discuss the heart of worship for children's ministry today. 

If you have not heard of Heartbeat Curriculum that was designed by Yancy, I highly recommend you go check it out!

Here are some links to Yancy's music and the Hearbeat Curriculum.

If you'd like to have Yancy come to your church for a family concert:

Join host Tom Bump as he shares some leadership hacks to develop your own leadership team. Every leader needs help and no one should ever lead alone! So how does someone find and develop other leaders? Tom shares some tested and true principles that you can implement today to begin building your leadership team! 

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Join Tom Bump and  his guests, Jason Tilley & John Tillman of Ministry Accelerator as they discuss how every leader should have an intentional gospel journey planned for their kids ministry.

Based on the 4 part blog posts: 

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One of the books that have greatly influenced my life and ministry is by my friend Craig Jutila. He and his wife Mary wrote this book many years ago. Craig passed away in 2018 and is greatly missed but I'm thankful for the conversations I had with him and for this book.

If you struggle with balance in life and ministry I strongly recommend this book!!!! I share some of the topics covered in this episode.

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Join Host Tom Bump and guest Bill Gunter  as they discuss a recent blog post about dealing with discouragement. 

For many leaders, especially smaller church leaders dealing with low numbers, small volunteer teams and unmet expectations can really bring discouragement. 

Learn in this episodes some things you can do to help prevent discouragement from taking over.


Small Church Coaching Groups- Beginning in Early August! 2 Groups (4 people max) will be meeting once a month for up to 1 1/2hrs and helping bring clarity and focus to their own leadership and ministry. Practical and specific help will be given to each leader and you can get 4 months of coaching for $25 a month. There will one group meeting in the afternoons and one early evening. Space is limited! In order to be considered you need to email tom at wbman99(at) or go to and go to the coaching section and fill out the info box at the bottom of the page. indicate you'd like to participate in the small church coaching group. 

Join Tom Bump as he shares from experience how to survive the Summer Children's Ministry season. 

It can be so hard for so many leaders and sometimes even tempting to walk away from it all. BUT, there are some things one can do to help survive the season and even thrive in it.

Hope  you enjoy this episode.

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This is an amazing episode with host Tom Bump, and Jesse Stone who serves with   They are reaching over 1 BILLION children with the Good News! 

In this episode Jesse shares why every Kidmin leader and Parent should be intentionally engaging children with Scripture and break out of the false assumptions that children cannot understand deeper things.

You will be challenged to re-examine your approach to handling Scripture with children. 

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The First Edition of the KMC Small Church Edition- Join Host Tom Bump and his guest as they begin a monthly series called The Kids Ministry Collective Small Church Edition. 

These special episodes will feature topics and guests that are smaller church leaders! We are super excited to share these with you

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